Southern Kern Unified School District

Learning Resources and Student Services:
After School Program - Forms are available in the front office to sign up - Offered every day from the end of school to 5:30pm - Bus transportation available
After School Credit Retrieval - Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays for credit deficient students
After School Migrant Program - Offered Mondays and Wednesdays for migrant students  
AVID Tutors - Available throughout the day to tutor students in core subjects
Math Support Classes - Offered during the school day by Mrs.Ward and Mrs. Gulley
Zero Period Study Hall - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7am - 8:15am in Room 26 - Early morning bus transportation available
Zero Period Credit Retrieval - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7am -8:15am in Room 27 - Early morning bus transportation available
Academic Counseling - Available Monday through Friday in Room 30 with Mrs. Janzen, School Counselor 
To inquire about these helpful resources and services please contact the TMS office 661-256-5040